white-teeth-10While good dental hygiene can help you stay away from cavities, it seems like good dental hygiene cannot do anything about keeping your teeth bright and white. Below are some of the ways that you can developed stained teeth:

Tobacco Use

The use of tobacco can lead to the yellowing of teeth because of the numerous chemicals which are found in each stick of cigar or cigarette. One of the chemicals which are notorious for causing yellowish teeth is nicotine. Nicotine allows plaque to stick to the dental enamel and plaque is filled with so many teeth staining compounds found in dental debris.

Drinking Habits

Another thing which can stain your teeth is your drinking habits. Unless you drink nothing but water, the common beverages that you down each day can slowly stain your teeth until a yellowish hue develops. These beverages include coffee, wine and soda. While a single glass of wine won’t instantly give you a yellow smile, the change is slow but definitely sure.

Eating Habits

In the same way that what you drink can give you a yellowish smile, the food which you eat can also give you a stained smile over time. Pigmented fruits such as blueberries and cherries are some of the common food which can give your smile a stained appearance over time.

Whitening Your Teeth

Above are just some of the common reasons for why teeth change into a yellowish color over time. But unlike in the past when individuals had to live with their not-so-bright smiles for the rest of their life, this isn’t the case anymore. With the help of teeth whitening procedures, having a glowing smile is just a matter of minutes.

There are two ways that you can whiten your teeth — the first one is through at-home whitening systems while the second one is through in-office whitening procedures. While the former can help you save up especially if you are tight in cash, the problem with at-home whitening kits is that it puts the entire procedure in the not-so-capable hands of the patient. The problem with this is that hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient in the teeth whitening gel, is an abrasive and can dissolve the dental enamel of teeth.

On the other hand, in-office teeth whitening in Atlanta is supervised by Dr Ballard, and the entire whitening procedure can also be completed in just under an hour and you can right away notice the lightening in the shade of your teeth.

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