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Losing your teeth can be a very depressing experience. With the teeth gone, the facial muscles tend to sag and can make you look much older, affecting your self confidence. It’s harder to eat, and more difficult to make certain sounds. Dentures can restore normalcy to your life.

What are dentures?

Dentures are a set of false teeth that are custom crafted to fit in your mouth and replace any missing teeth. They offer an advantage over other tooth replacement procedures because they are removable and non-invasive. Both full and partial dentures are available.

What is the difference between full and partial dentures?

Full dentures are a complete set of false teeth. If you have teeth remaining, these will be removed, and the tissue allowed to heal completely before the dentures are placed. This can take up to a few months, during which time you will not have any teeth and be limited to soft, easily chewed foods. Partial dentures are a better option if you’re missing numerous teeth, but the remaining teeth are healthy and strong. This type of denture replaces only the missing teeth, leaving the remaining natural teeth.

Are they uncomfortable?

There is a period of adjustment when you first start wearing dentures. It can take some time to get used to the feeling of the dentures in your mouth, especially if you’ve been without your teeth for an extended period of time. You may find it difficult or awkward to chew certain foods, and speaking may feel strange. Some soreness or irritation is to be expected at first. However, once you’ve gotten used to your dentures they will feel completely natural. If you continue to experience soreness for a long period of time, contact your dentist and set up an appointment to make sure your dentures are a proper fit and there are no signs of gum deterioration.

Can I eat normal foods with dentures?

Certainly; however, keep in mind that it will take some time to get used to chewing. It’s best to start with small pieces of soft foods until you learn to control your chewing a little better. Chew slowly. Move on to more difficult foods as you become comfortable.

How do I care for my dentures?

It’s very important to maintain good dental hygiene. Brushing at least twice daily, and soaking the dentures in a solution overnight, is recommended. There are special brushes available made specifically for use with dentures that should be used. It’s also important to gently brush the gums and tongue with a soft-bristled brush each morning before placing the dentures in your mouth.

How long can I expect my dentures to last?

There is no set time line. Dentures will require adjustments over their life span due to normal wear and tear. When the dentures and mouth are cared for properly, they will last many years. Regular dental appointments will be necessary.

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Dr Ballard is amazing. I had a problem with a crown that he took care of immediately. I showed up. Spent 30 seconds in the waiting room. Was sitting in the chair for about 30 seconds and boom! Dr Ballard was there working on my tooth. 30 minutes later I was out the door all fixed up. Very professional and a great experience.


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Dr. Ballard is the only dentist I trust for my complicated dental problems. He is amazing! He & his entire staff are friendly, kind, & professional.


No one likes to go to the dentist but coming here makes it totally bearable. I trust them totally and there is no wait time. The staff and Dr Ballard are super nice and you really feel like you are in the best hands. I love the fact that they can do a crown right on the spot. No second appointment needed. Dr Ballard is an amazing dentist and everyone in the office is skilled and knowledgeable.


Dr. Ballard is professional yet personable. His work is impeccable. Whether it’s filling a cavity, repairing another dentist’s work, or performing a root canal, you can rest assured it will be done with care & excellence. His staff is fantastic. I’m always treated like a person, not just a source of income. It’s a wonderful place to be.


The finest people, who really care about you and the quality of care. Dr. Ballard is someone I absolutely trust, his team stays for decades to work with him, and I take my children here too. You can’t find a better quality and service in dentistry in Atlanta, or anywhere.


I’m very pleased to recommend Dr Ballard and the fantastic staff of Buckhead Dental Partners. They always take extra steps to make sure I’m well cared for and well accommodated. I look forward to any visit whether it’s for routine cleanings and exams to crowns or fillings- everything is painless. Professional in every way with the latest advances in dental technology and yet they’re just like old friends. I have been a patient there since 1995 with absolutely no complaints. They will truly cure the stigma of fearing a dental visit and I trust the staff and Dr Ballard can do the same for anyone. They get five stars indeed!