bright-smilesDid you know that decay is a primary cause of tooth loss in adults? Teeth are constantly exposed to food and bacteria that brushing alone cannot eliminate the onset of cavities. Dr. Ballard can be your number one partner in the fight against plaque, tartar, cavities, and gum disease. Only a dentist can provide you with preventive treatments that keep bacteria in the mouth from growing and causing problems for your teeth and gums. Here are the top 3 preventive treatments for optimum oral health:

Fluoride Treatment

The dentist liberally applies fluoride on the teeth for strength and protection. Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance that strengthens the enamel of a tooth. Strong tooth enamel means that the tooth has a sturdy exterior that won’t break down easily. Fluoride speeds up the rate of remineralization, which is essential for a tooth with worn or broken-down enamel.

Fluoride is taken naturally from water and certain types of food. However, people who drink a lot of bottled water may not receive their sufficient dose of fluoride. This makes fluoride treatment an essential part of preventive treatment for the teeth, most especially if the individual doesn’t eat a healthy and balanced diet every day. Fluoride treatment is like a form of supplement that makes the teeth strong and healthy.


Just like fluoride treatment, dental sealants are also applied on the teeth for protection. However, they’re usually placed on the molars, in order to provide a protective layer for this set of teeth. Molars are used in chewing and grinding food. They have ridges and grooves; increasing the potential of food debris getting stuck in the teeth. With sealants enveloping the molars, their surfaces become smooth, flat, and easy to clean. Brushing becomes a more rewarding experience than before. Food particles slide and are removed from the teeth with ease.

Sealants are a virtually simple and painless dental treatment. The material is applied on the teeth and then hardened by a special light. Patients don’t experience any pain, and walk out knowing that their teeth are sealed and protected from cavities.

Oral Prophylaxis

Deep cleaning or oral prophylaxis is an essential dental treatment because brushing and flossing may not remove deep seated food debris stuck between the teeth. While it is important to brush and floss daily, the dentist recommends that oral prophylaxis be taken every six months. Deep cleaning removes plaque and prevents the build-up of tartar and stains on hard to clean areas of the teeth and gums. The result is healthy and beautiful looking teeth.

Preventive Treatments + Good Oral Habits = Optimum Oral Health

Optimum oral health contributes to physical well being; hence, preventive dental treatments and good oral habits are very essential. Daily brushing and flossing should be a vital part of your daily regimen. When combined with regular preventive treatments, it truly is possible to achieve and maintain optimum oral health for life. Healthy teeth look great and most certainly contribute to a winning, beautiful smile.

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