Some things have become so well established that people take them into account as if they were completely and irrevocably true. While there is irrefutable basis behind all of these gospel truths, they lead individuals to mistakenly overgeneralize and overlook things which are just as crucial. Below are just some of those dental misconceptions that need to be debunked:

You only need to be on the look out for sweets.

If there is one thing which you have heard repeated again and again by your parents with regards to cavities and tooth decay, then it would have to be one against eating sweets. While it is true that gorging on sweets can give you tooth decay, you shouldn’t just limit your list of banned foods to candies alone. Even sour foods can cause your teeth to become brittle and susceptible to tooth decay. The reason for this is because the high acidity causes the enamel crystals in your teeth to dissolve. What results is enamel erosion, the weakening of the outermost layer and your susceptibility to tooth decay.

Only young children are prone to tooth decay.

Yes, children are at risk for the development of tooth decay because of the fact that they are more likely to give in to their sweet tooth and less likely to control themselves when they see a sugary treat. But the truth of the matter is that children do not have the monopoly of cavities and tooth decay. On the other hand, older individuals actually have the same risk for tooth decay as young children. Bacteria inside your mouth, which contribute to the development of cavities, proliferate at a very fast rate when there is a lower rate of salival secretion. And when it comes to dry mouths, individuals who take certain medications are vulnerable to getting dry oral cavities.

Tooth decay is the only condition which can lead to teeth loss.

This is very far from the case. Yes, tooth decay is one of the common reasons for why your teeth could begin disappearing one by one, but it is not the only cause and certainly not the most common cause. Occupying the top spot is the collective group of gum diseases. This makes sense, too, given that it is your gums and jawbones which are responsible for anchoring your teeth into place and ensuring that none of them begin to loosen up.

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