Closeup of surprised girl holding her face and smilingA smile is only as good as the individual teeth which comprise it. For this reason, individuals have become extremely obsessed with the way that their teeth look like hoping that their smiles would be just as beautiful. Having said that, it can be incredibly difficult for you to smile when one of your teeth is missing. But no need to put on that perpetual frown. With the way that the world of dentistry works nowadays, you can always replace any missing teeth just as easily.

Do you need an entire set of teeth?

If what you need is to replace an entire set of teeth, then you might need to take a cue from what television and movies have popularized as a quintessential part of any elderly grandparent’s bed stand — the dentures. One common complaint when it comes to dentures, though, is the fact that they can look extremely fake. Luckily, technology in the dental front has made it possible for dentures to be constructed in a more realistic manner. Another problem is that dentures rely on the natural suction created between the same and your gums. This means that there’s always the chance of your dentures falling off.

Do you need to replace just one or two teeth?

If the only problem you have is that you’ve lost one or two teeth, then you are better off with dental bridges. The reason being that dental bridges only replace a handful of missing teeth and are anchored to the closest natural tooth next to the gap left by the lost chompers. In order to do this, your dentist would have to shave the existing tooth so that the crown could fit nicely over the same. This means that the tooth would then become damaged in the process of installing the dental bridge. At the same time, dental bridges are just as flimsy as dentures.

Do you need your false teeth to look and feel like your natural teeth?

If this is the case, then it’s so much better for you to pick out dental implants. Dental implants are titanium rods which are placed deep within the inner tissues of the empty dental socket to act as dental roots. The root would then keep the porcelain crown, which is placed over the titanium rod, in place. This means that you can eat, chew and speak just as much as you want without any fear of anything falling off.

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