rootcanal3Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that rids a tooth of infection. During the treatment, the infected pulp from inside your tooth’s inner chambers is removed, so your tooth is restored and saved from extraction. But what happens after the treatment? Will there be pain after root canal? Trusted Atlanta dentist, Dr. Jeffery Ballard, discusses what to expect after root canal therapy, and offers insights on post-treatment care.

What to Expect after Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Ballard says that it is normal to feel tenderness in the area where root canal therapy was performed. The patient may experience this only for a few days. Rest assured that when the procedure is performed well, any discomfort that you will experience is only temporary. Thus, pain after root canal is a fiction when the patient follows the doctor’s instructions on post-treatment care and when the procedure itself is performed flawlessly. Here’s what you should normally expect after a root canal.

  • Numbness in the mouth a few hours after the treatment. This will go away once the anesthesia wears off.
  • Tenderness in the treated area for a few days.
  • Tenderness in the jaw for a few days.

The doctor will give you pain medication and give you instructions on what to do after the treatment. Usually, doctors advise patients to take it easy during mealtimes. Patients are advised to not bite or chew on the treated area and to eat soft foods for the first 24 hours. The key to a successful recovery is to put less pressure on the treated area and allow your gums to heal naturally

What Happens When Pain Persists?

Root canal therapy removes bacteria and infection from the affected tooth, so it also eliminates pain. Pain shouldn’t persist when the treatment is done skillfully. However, if for some reason pain persists, contact your doctor immediately. Here’s when you should call the doctor.

  • When an allergic reaction to medication occurs.
  • When a visible pus or swelling develops inside the mouth.
  • When the pain persists for over a week and the original symptoms remain.

What to Expect from your Endodontically-Treated Tooth

A tooth that has received proper root canal therapy can last for many years. It is no different from your natural teeth. This means that you need to practice proper brushing and flossing to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are likewise important. With optimum oral health, you avoid dental problems and keep your endodontically-treated tooth in superb condition.

There is Nothing to Fear about a Root Canal

Pain is the main reason why many people are afraid of taking root canal therapy. Remember this, the goal of a root canal is not to cause you pain, but to relieve you from it. Thus, you have nothing to fear, most especially, if the root canal is performed by a skilled, experienced dentist. Pain after a root canal treatment is a fiction when you are in good, capable hands.

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