People may fear dentists for many reasons. It may be because they are scared of the instruments, of pain, or of the fact that a stranger is using a sharp instrument on them. Sometimes it is because of control issues or traumatizing experiences. Whatever they may be, fear of dentists is a very real issue .

In an attempt to make these individuals more reassured and relaxed about their dental visits and checkups, more and more dentists offer sedation dentistry. This process allows dental patients to experience little to no pain.

Neglecting oral and dental health can cause serious side effects. Sedation dentistry can get these people to relax and come to their appointments more relaxed. Currently, not all offices offer this option, but it is becoming more popular due to the ease with which patients can undergo their treatment.

Sedation dentistry involves using sedatives to make patients relaxed or unaware of what is happening. The main advantage of using a sedative is the relaxation and calmness the patient feels. Sedation dentistry is safe. It does not require anesthesiologists, but the dentist must be qualified and licensed.

Who is a good candidate for sedation dentistry? Almost anyone is qualified, but people with the following problems will find it extremely beneficial: strong gag reflex, post-traumatic experience, difficulty swallowing, resistance to numbing during procedures, extreme fear of dentists and dental equipment, and the need for long and complex procedures.

Of course, this does not happen to everybody. Before you consider sedation dentistry, however, always make sure the dentist is licensed and has authorization to administer sedatives. Checking for allergies and any conditions prior to attending an appointment is important, because this may disqualify certain patients from the treatment.

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