Nearly 70 percent of adults in the U.S. have lost at least one permanent tooth. It may have been from an accident, tooth decay, or gum disease; however, all is not lost!

For many years, the only choices to replace missing teeth were dentures and bridges. These looked fine, not always exactly like the original teeth, but better than missing teeth. The downside was they sometimes fit poorly and made it difficult to eat many crunchy and chewy foods.

A completely permanent solution is dental implants. The advanced technology available nowadays makes the procedure of setting implants faster, easier, and more precise than ever. Implants are quickly becoming the first choice for many when they want and need permanent tooth replacement.

Since many adults will lose at least one tooth in their lifetime, it is good to consider and learn a little to understand how this modern science can help you when you need it. Titanium posts act like tooth roots and are embedded into your gums and bones. Implants also keep the jaw from losing bone, because when teeth are missing the underlying bone recedes.

When you choose dental implants your teeth will look completely natural like they were always there and they will be there the rest of your life. At Buckhead Dental Partners all procedures are chosen based on a personal evaluation for what is best for you. We invite you to call for a consultation if you would like to consider implants or any other service.

We hope you are keeping up your regular checkups! This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run by cutting off problems while they are minor.

We can replace any amount: from single teeth to all. A popular option for full-mouth replacement is dentures that are fixed in place with 4 implants. They snap in and need no messy creams and keep the roof of your mouth open, unlike the old style of dentures. If you have the old style dentures, you may know what a problem they can be and might want to come talk with us.

Here at Buckhead Dental Partners all procedures are custom designed to meet the needs of the patient. If you are missing teeth we invite you to set an appointment for a consultation.

Dr. Jeffery Ballard will be happy to meet with you. Call us at 404-261-0610!