cosmetic-44Going to a salon, relaxing at the spa, and exercising at the gym are some of the things that we regularly do, to keep ourselves fit and beautiful. However, we often take healthy, functional and aesthetic teeth for granted. Your smile is just as important as your hair and physique. A smile creates a lasting impression and conveys feelings of joy, friendship, and love. A great way to transform your smile is with cosmetic dentistry! This area of dentistry covers various areas of your smile from gapped teeth to discolored, misaligned, and oddly spaced teeth. You will look positively different with cosmetic dentistry, something that you’d like to show off to your friends and the people around you.

Cosmetic dentistry experts like Buckhead Dental Partners can show you what a beautiful smile transformation can do. Doctor Jeffery Ballard has taken the time to train in various cosmetic dentistry procedures and invest in the necessary equipment.

Cosmetic dentistry is an art, and a great way to look fresh and vibrant. It can be a great way to reinvent your appearance, and face the world with renewed confidence. Cosmetic dentistry does not just aim to enhance your look, but also your self-confidence and attitude towards life. Find out what cosmetic dentistry treatments are available to you so you can begin the journey towards a beautiful new you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments at Buckhead Dental Partners

• Dental Bonding – This is an effective yet inexpensive way to transform your smile. Dental bonding involves the use of tooth-colored, composite resin, covering teeth imperfections like chips, cracks, gaps, and discoloration. This treatment can be done in 1 office visit for an instantly transformed smile. Dental bonding is also easy to maintain. Daily brushing and flossing to keep the teeth clean and healthy is essential, as well as taking regular trips to the dentist.

• Dental Veneers – Just like dental bonding, dental veneers mask or cover various types of teeth imperfections from chips and cracks to gaps, discoloration, unevenness, and misalignment. However, instead of composite resin, dental veneers are made of tooth-colored porcelain that looks like thin chips in the shape of real teeth. A dental veneer is bonded on the visible side of a tooth, to improve its appearance. The result is a beautifully designed smile.

• Teeth Whitening – One safe and effective way to whiten the teeth is with the use of a peroxide based gel. The dentist applies this gel to the teeth, dramatically transforming their appearance. The teeth can become 6 to 8 shades lighter than before because teeth whitening is able to remove stains and discoloration effectively. Teeth whitening, therefore, make a great cosmetic dentistry treatment for that beautiful smile transformation.

Cosmetic Dentistry is Worth it

White and perfectly aligned teeth are just wonderful for your smile. You exude a beautiful, confident front that shows in the way your speak and interact with people. A smile makes the world go round, so put on your best smile forward and maximize your true potential with cosmetic dentistry procedures!

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