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Did you know that both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association recommend that your child’s first dental examination should be between 12-15 months old?

The earlier the dental visit, the better the chances are to prevent dental problems. Dr. Ballard, our Dentist in Atlanta, can help by providing a system of preventive dentistry for your child starting from their first dental visit.

Here at our dentistry Atlanta practice, we understand how intimidating a dental visit can be for a child. That’s why we make sure that the best support and comfort is especially provided for our young patients. If your child is apprehensive about the dental appointment, our dentistry Atlanta GA staff can help by allowing him or her to listen to music during the treatment. Oral conscious sedation, if necessary and appropriate for the age of the child, is also available upon the parents’ consent.

As a facility for children’s dentistry in Atlanta, we are committed to guiding and preserving the oral health and hygiene of your child from their first visit to the dentist through to their adolescence. From your child’s first visit, our Atlanta dentistry professional will monitor your child’s oral health, examine his or her teeth and gums, and devise and suggest an oral health plan to ensure a lifetime of good oral health and proper oral hygiene.

Our Dentist in Atlanta’s office provides a variety of services suited for children. This includes preventative cleaning to remove plaque and bacteria that are the cause of tooth decay, full mouth x-rays every three to five years in order to find cavities not seen by the naked eye, sealants, fluoride treatment, fillings, extractions and more.

Buckhead Dental Partners aims to provide you with services on dentistry in Atlanta that utilize the latest technology and techniques to ensure effective and careful treatments for your children. Your child can safely and comfortably achieve a beautiful smile with our Dentist in Atlanta.

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Dr. Ballard,
I want to thank you so much for your generous gift to me of time, service and care. Your willingness to help me was such a mighty example of the Lord’s provision. May He richly bless you and your family!! And… I wanted to thank you and your entire staff for the best experience I’ve ever had at a Dr. visit of any kind. You all manage to be highly professional and highly personable. Throughout my entire time in the office, I always felt valued and cared for as an individual. Keep up the awesome work!! Thank you so much!

– Mindy