a-toothYou may not know about them, but there are actually habits that can lead to tooth damage. Leading Atlanta, GA dentist, Dr. Jeffery Ballard, reveals these 5 bad habits and shares some insights on good dental care. Knowing about these habits can help you avoid them; thus, helping you take care of your teeth well.

Bad Habit 1 – Chewing Ice

Some people like chewing on ice when the weather is hot, thinking that this is a harmless act that will help them cool off. However, munching on ice can eventually chip or crack your teeth. You may think that ice poses no threat. However, your teeth are not designed to handle the texture and temperature of ice. The next time you feel the urge to chew on some ice, remember how this can negatively affect your teeth. Try drinking a cold drink instead, the next time you feel the urge of chewing on ice

Bad Habit 2 – Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is one unconscious habit that some people do. Experts believe that it is triggered by stress and unhealthy sleeping habits. Whatever the cause is, the fact remains that bruxism places your teeth under extreme pressure. Try doing it for several seconds and see how it feels. Imagine what your teeth go through when bruxism is done several times while sleeping. Your Atlanta, GA dentist, suggests using a mouth guard to help control bruxism, while protecting your teeth at the same time.

Bad Habit 3 – Sugary Foods and Drinks

Gummy bears, soda and many other sugary foods and drinks are bad for the teeth. The sugar content clings to the teeth and can stay there for long periods of time, which will cause cavities. Gummy candies are very notorious because they stick to the teeth; making them very difficult to remove during brushing. Soda, sports drinks and juices are also bad because they contain acids in addition to sugar. Your Atlanta, GA dentist suggests that you try to brush your teeth after having these types of food and drinks, or at the least, rinse out your mouth.

Bad Habit 4 – Putting Kids to Sleep while Drinking Milk from the Baby Bottle

It may seem harmless to let your child fall asleep with their baby bottle in their mouth. However, this prolongs the exposure of children’s teeth to milk and its sugary content. The longer the milk clings to the teeth means the higher the chance your child will acquire cavities. Your Atlanta, GA dentist advises you to wean children from the bottle early and practice the habit of brushing the teeth before bedtime.

Bad Habit 5 – Using the Teeth as a Manipulative Tool

Let’s face it. Teeth are meant for eating and must not be used as an opening or manipulative tool. If you have the habit of opening plastic packaging or bottle caps with your teeth, now is the time to stop. Your teeth can crack or break if you do these habits often. Think of it this way. If it’s not food, don’t bite or eat it. Keep scissors or bottle openers handy so you won’t be tempted to use your teeth as a tool.

Visit your Trusted Atlanta, GA Dentist

For more oral health tips and for quality dental preventive care, visit your trusted Atlanta, GA dentist, Dr. Jeffery Ballard. Dr. Ballard specializes in cosmetic dentistry, preventive dentistry, and restorative dental care. Feel free to drop by our practice at 309 E. Paces Ferry Rd. Suite 602 Atlanta, GA, contact us online, or give us a call at (404)261-0610.

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