Why Choose Us – Expert Dentists in Atlanta

Our Atlanta Dentist and the Buckhead Dental Partners, aim to provide comfortable, Atlanta dentistry treatments for you and your family. Dr. Ballard and the rest of our staff use their years of experience and the latest dental techniques to make sure you receive quality care.

We focus on two core characteristics that make us different from other dentists in the Atlanta area.


Keeping you comfortable throughout your visit is our top priority. Our friendly staff pays attention to your concerns and questions, and will help you any way they can.

We provide conscious sedation options if you need help overcoming your anxiety or dental fear.


We know your time and money are valuable to you, so we offer many conveniences to help you waste less time while providing the effective procedure you are paying for.

– Multiple Treatments, One Clinic – We provide a range of procedures, including general cleaning, root canals, or comprehensive cosmetic procedures. No matter how many different procedures you require, you can have them all completed at our clinic.

– Flexible Financial Options – Our administrative team can help you come up with the ideal payment option for your financial situation.

Our focus on our patients’ comfort and convenience helps us provide great treatments that will put a beautiful smile on your face.